Climate Change – A Call to Action

Night after night we see stories on the news warning of greenhouse gases and global climate change. The ice caps are melting and polar bears and other species are on the road to extinction. Our landfills are bursting at the seams. Our drinking water is contaminated and the very air we breath is filled with harmful chemicals and toxins.

We’ve over-fished the oceans, depleted our protective ozone layer, cut down countless acres of trees and vegetation, and stopped at nothing in our insatiable desire for fossil fuels.

What kind of a world are we leaving to future generations? And who is responsible for the mess we’ve gotten ourselves into?

It’s not just the massive factories that send pollutants into our air. Its the millions of individual cars congesting highways and blowing exhaust fumes into our lungs.

Its not just large corporate or government buildings wasting valuable energy. The same thing is happening in every one of our homes.

Its not just our neighbors being wasteful and producing ton after ton of garbage. Its us too.

Its all of us. We’re all to blame. We consume everything in sight. We waste more than can be imagined.

The question is this…what are WE going to do about it?

I want you to get something straight right now. Its not too late. There is still time to change our ways and fix the problems we’ve started. But the time for action is now. We can’t afford to wait any longer.

The damage we’ve already done to our world is great and it will take entire lifetimes to fix. Its time for us all to look in the mirror and accept responsibility for what we’ve done. Only then can we start thinking outside the box and doing what’s best for the long-term instead of only considering our own immediate gain.

Will we all wake up in time to change course and avert disaster? Or will we use up all of our natural resources and leave the Earth a contaminated wasteland?