Wood Boiler

When it comes to heating areas in your home or work site, there are few options more economical or convenient than wood boilers. Basically a furnace that uses wood for its fuel, these boilers are an often times economical way to provide heat in an era of high energy costs and threatened fuel shortages. There is no arguing that the unpredictability of fuel costs these days can put a cramp in the budget of nearly every family. That’s why these boilers are becoming more popular with each passing year, as people look for any way to become more energy independent. There are, of course, different kinds of wood boilers, and in this article we’ll take a look at some of the options available to you.

The EKO Line

Wood Boiler One of the most popular types of wood boilers is the EKO Line. These boilers use something called wood gasification to provide the most efficient type of wood heating. Unlike many units that require an inordinate amount of wood to produce heat, these Line boilers are designed to produce maximum heat with minimum wood expenditure. They also do so in one of the most ecologically-friendly ways possible, by producing less smoke than most of their boiler kin. In fact, they out-produce some of their competition in dramatic fashion. With the gasification process, your boiler is able to convert nearly its entire fuel source into useful heat – in many cases achieving efficiencies approaching or reaching ninety percent!

Wood Master Boilers

If you’re looking for a unit to act as your main heater, then the Wood Master is the right choice. These wood boiling furnaces are designed to be energy efficient, and generate more heat with less combustible material than almost any of the other main wood boilers out there. These furnaces can be integrated into your existing hot water systems, making them an ideal way to go green at a lower cost. For energy efficiency, the Wood Master definitely lives up to its name.

The Doctor is in

When it comes to units that make the best use of modern technology, the Wood Doctor boilers are a great selection for your home or business. Through the use of high tech systems of pipe, the Wood Doctor actually transfers the heat below the baseboards and floors of your home, piping it to the rooms where it is needed. These wood boilers are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency because they require only a minimal amount of wood as fuel, and are all but emission free.

Outdoor units that Amaze

The variety of wood boilers available includes a host of outdoor boilers as well. Outdoor boilers are often the choice of allergy sufferers and those who have fears of carbon monoxide buildup within the home. Though such buildup is a rare occurrence, the added safety involved in having an outdoor furnace is very comforting to many people. Some of these outdoor units, like the Mahoning, can alternate between their primary wood fuel source and natural gas usage when necessary. That flexibility helps to ensure that you always have a backup plan when your fuel source suddenly becomes scarce.

For homeowners looking for alternatives to paying the local energy companies the often outrageous prices they charge, wood boilers can be an attractive proposition. With their added fuel economies, and greatly enhanced safety features – as well as low operational costs – these boilers have come a long way from the old wood burning stoves of years past. Used properly, they can free any home from the tyranny of unpredictable commercial energy rates, and provide the economic freedom for which many families desperately yearn.